Language pal has a large network of more than 5000+ translators covering more than 150+ languages of the world.

Language Pal does not encourage using any translation tool. We believe humans are the best translators who can deliver an impeccably good quality without compromising with the quality.

Everyone in the translation industry seems to agree that translators these days must specialize. [One of the reasons for it is] the exponential expansion of knowledge: there is simply much more to know about any given subject and many new subjects to know. No translator can be expected to have the knowledge required to translate all types of documents well and within a reasonable amount of time." We can cover the following subject areas:

  • Technical (includes IT)
  • Marketing (includes Communication, Transcreation, Social Media translation, etc.)
  • Legal
  • Business and Finance
  • Social Sciences (includes Politics, Gender Studies, etc.)
  • Scientific and Health Care
  • Literary
  • Audio-visual
  • Video Games
  • Import and Export
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas
  • General