Video interpreting work is similar to Telephone interpreting. Our video interprets are always a call away for virtual live assistance.


Video interpreting works similar to Telephone interpreting. You can use your funds to utilise video interpreters as well. Albeit, it’s a pre-requisite to have a compatible system to our platform in terms of:

You can access our Video interpreters securely and instantly from one of the following mediums for your convenience:

Our system allows you to have a two-video conference and if you require the presence of a third party then you can invite them to join the conference over the phone. We invite you to download the interpret manager app from your smartphone or even to access a video interpreter during field visits. Please get in touch with us by email for further queries.

About us

Language Pal was set up with an aim to assist the public, private and tertiary
sectors with their verbal and written language communication needs, by utilising
self operated easy to use, reliable and secure innovative technology. Language Pal
understand the pressure that a professional could be under when faced with a
client who does not speak the English language. Our language interpreters are
qualified and vetted to high standards. They come from very rich backgrounds
with invaluable experience sets.So, we at language pal can help you in the most
effective, professional and reliable manner and so you can achieve the desired
outcome(s).We offer affordable services to all. We aim to tailor our professional
fees to suit your budget. Read more

Company Official Detail
  • Ar-razzaq Linguistics Ltd registered in England and Wales.
    Company Registration Number : 1283120

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