Key Features

Language Pal offers premium services 24/7 via its unique and specially crafted platform to solve all your language-related problems.


Audio Interpretation

Request an interpreter by just using our application and a stable internet connection to solve your interpretation related query.


Video Interpretation

Our dedicated app offers round the clock video interpreting solution. The easy-to-use service enables us to deliver high-quality seamless streaming that allows toggling between audio and video during the same video conference.


Solution for every language

From Far-Eastern to European we aim to cover all the languages for your convenience.

round the clock

Round the Clock, 24*7

Be it at midnight or noon, we are pledged to solve your language-related problem soon. We want to declare that peak times are always uncertain in terms of the availability of your preferred interpreter.


Self-Operated platform

Accessing and operating the system autonomously without any assistance is possible only after you complete the necessary training schedule to access the platform.

Exotic languages

A plethora of rare languages

Language Pal aims to provide interpretation and translation-related solutions for every language. Our group of interpreters covers a bunch of exotic languages for your convenience.


Translation related solution

Be it a website content or a document that you want to translate from English to any other language or vice versa we can help you. Our group of seasoned translators can deliver the best quality work within a short period.

Professionally skilled interpreters

We keep expanding our team of interpreters regularly so that we can help you out within 20 seconds. No matter at what time you call we are always ready to take your call.

Group of trained translators

We have got all your translation-related need covered with the active participation of our group of trained translators.

Our Clients

About Us

Language Pal was established in an aim to assist the public, private and tertiary sectors with their verbal and written language communications by using self-driven easy to use technologies. The pressure of meeting with a client who is not accustomed to English or any other language cannot be bothersome anymore.

Our group of 3000+ interprets and 5000+ translators are highly skilled and pledged to deliver high-standard work. The group of linguists at Language Pal is growing bigger and can help you to get your work done effectively and swiftly.




Language pal has a pool of more than 5000 translators covering more than 150 major languages of the world. Read more


Proof-reading is an integral part of the translation process in which Language Pal has excelled. Our group of highly skilled proof-Readers can assist you to proofread your documents professionally. Read more


Many clients require a certain document translated into global languages. Read more


Language Pal continuously on boards the best interpreters for our esteemed clients. Read more


Most of our face to face interpreters are accessible through our telephone interpreting system. They are working from AM to PM to get your real-time interpretation related work done. Read more


Video interpreting work is similar to Telephone interpreting. Our video interprets are always a call away for virtual live assistance. Read more


Transcription in the linguistic form is the systematic representation of a particular language in written format. Our team of transcription specialists can get you covered. Read more


Voice-overs are used in video games and on-hold messages, as well as for announcements and information. Read more


Language Pal has joined forces with many prominent academics and scholars. Read more

How it Works

how it works
01 Sign up to obtain your account.

These accounts are free of cost, without any monthly fees or minimum commitments. The information provided during your registration process will be saved and used for the sole purpose of responding to your concern. You are requested to go through our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.

02 Manage your account

Once registered, you have access to your dashboard, where you can manage your settings, your service requests, and all other available functionalities. Our service platform acts according to your specific account settings, therefore take your time to explore its features, complete it with your preferences, and keep it updating frequently.

03 Requesting a session

If you are out of town, with poor or no access to the Internet at all, you can request a service directly from your telephone by using the Language Pal service platform. Those who require a face-to-face on-site interpreter or even a translator- do not forget to email us on to help you further.

Useful Faq's

Yes, Language Pal operates through a very strict GDPR policy, copy available upon request.
Yes, you can use our Audio/Video services in a remote location and on any device
You will be connected to your preferred interpreter or a qualified interpreter within 30 seconds of request.
No there is no minimum charge is applicable for our Audio/Video interpreting service, billing will be based on per minute.
To secure the best service from Language Pal interpreters and translators, we have decided to introduce a demanding lead pricing model. There is no fixed rate for all the calls.
Yes, you can use our Audio and Video interpreting and translation system in the USA and Canada. Our service has been designed to serve English Speaking countries inclusively e.g. Australia and New Zealand.
Yes, absolutely but it is based on the availability of the particular resource. Keep a note of his/her Language Pal ID number and type it into the system at the right time to be connected directly. You may get in touch with him or her if the person is available.

Contact us

You are requested to fill the following form to send your request. Feel free to fill the form for any query related to Language Pal.

Our Office

143 St. John's Road Huddersfield West Yorkshire HD1 5EY, England, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 113 328 0968